Shetland Islands Council 2009 windfarm planning hearings

These meetings were set up by SIC to take the views of the Shetland community. The meetings are intended to give all councillors a feel for what the wider community thought of the Viking Energy wind farm planning application.

  For   Against   Undecided
Brae. 28 September 18 22% 58 72% 5
Aith. 29 September 15 12% 110 86% 3
Dunrossness. 30 September 14 18% 60 77% 4
Lerwick. 1 October 49 31% 106 68% 4

The conclusion from these SIC run meetings is that a minority of people, only 21%, attending support the Viking Energy wind farm. 75% of people attending the meetings opposed the wind farm. It is perhaps no surprise that few with "no opinion" attended the meetings. It has long been claimed that "if the people of Shetland don't want the wind farm it wont happen". It is now clear the people of Shetland have said no to the Viking windfarm plan. The job of councillors is to recommend refusal of the planning application. Their job as Charitable Trust trustees is to halt the project. They have no mandate or moral authority to continue with the Viking Energy wind farm.

Sustainable Shetland wish to thank all participants (for, against and undecided) for the courteous and respectful conduct of (almost) all who attended these meetings. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, freely expressed.

This project has already created too much division within our community, and we are all aware that the best resource we have in Shetland is the ability of our community to work together for the common good.

SIC Viking windfarm transcripts

SIC public planning consultation update 20/3/2010

After many requests, on 20/3/2010 Shetland Islands Council made the full transcripts available to Sustainable Shetland. As far as we know, this is the only place you can see them. The original purpose of these transcripts was to accompany the SIC's submission to the Energy Consents Unit. It remains unclear if this has been done.

The community meeting wind farm transcripts here:

    SIC wind farm meetings
  • Brae SIC planning consultation meeting- 28/9/2010. click to open Brae transcript as an Adobe acrobat file
  • Aith SIC planning consultation - 29/9/2010. click to open Aith transcript as an Adobe acrobat file
  • Dunrossness SIC planning consultation - 30/9/2010. click to open Dunrossness transcript as an Adobe acrobat file
  • Lerwick SIC planning consultation - 1/10/2010. click to open Lerwick transcript as an Adobe acrobat file

These four meetings were supposed to reflect the views of all of Shetland. The views expressed were overwhelmingly opposed to the Viking Energy planning application (about 75%).

Prior to these events, Sustainable Shetland attended a meeting with SIC officials and councillors planning the meetings. We appreciated being invited, but were unsuccessful in arguing that more locations should be included in the consultation.

We said that four events did not give enough people in Shetland the chance to contribute to the debate. Instead, the SIC claimed these four meetings would be sufficient. We argued then, and say so again; this windfarm is an issue for all people, in all parts of Shetland.

Sustainable Shetland lodge objection to Viking Energy Wind Farm

27/7/09. Sustainable Shetland lodge formal planning objection. Main objection here. Landscape objection here.

RSPB issue Viking Energy wind farm objection

24/7/09. Royal Society for the Protection of Birds issued their 42 page objection to the Viking Energy wind farm, not surprisingly damage to wildlife, and birds in particular feature high on their list of objections. But the carbon payback for the project also comes in for serious criticism. Full objection at RSPB web site

SNH issue Viking Energy objection

24/7/09. Government executive agency, Scottish Natural Heritage have lodged their objections and comments on the Viking Energy Wind Farm. Some areas of concern are not included as they consider this out with their official remit. Copy of SNH objection can be viewed at Shetland News web site.

John Muir Trust issue Viking Energy objection

22/7/09. The internationally recognised trust to promote conservation and preservation of wild lands, the John Muir Trust, has lodged a formal objection to the Viking Energy wind farm. Read their planning objection in full.

Shetland Amenity Trust issue Viking Energy objection

15/7/09. Shetland Amenity Trust have released their formal objection to the Viking Energy Wind farm. The Trust was created 26 years ago with a remit to safeguard and protect the landscape and environment and the natural and cultural heritage of Shetland. Read Amenity Trust planning objection here (PDF format). Read their accompanying press release here.